The Blue Ridge Swim & Tennis club has a number of activities in place so that we always have something to keep you occupied and entertained. To give you a better idea of these activities that you can enjoy while you are at the club we have created a small list.



We know how harsh the summers can be that is why we have a grand swimming pool at our club. The access to the swimming pool area is available throughout the day and night which makes it even more convenient for members. Apart from this we also organise swimming lessons depending on different age groups.

Tennis Sessions

In case you have kids visiting the club along with you then these tennis lessons can be a great way of making them familiar with different techniques. Also you can be sure that they are in safe hands and they will learn from a professional coach. The inhouse coach can also help them play table tennis and other similar sports.

Book Clubs

We have a lot of activities designed specifically for adults that visit our club. One such activity is the book club that you can attend with other members. The club has an extensive library which can be considered a mecca for book lovers.

Poker Nights

In case you enjoy an occasional game of poker then that too can be done at the Blue Ridge Swim & Tennis club. Every night there is a poker game organised by the management so that adults can spend their evening with people of same interest like their own.

Movie Nights

Our club also has a beautiful indoor theatre where you can enjoy movies everyday. The selection of movies range from kids entertainment to thrillers. We also organise music and dance shows on similar night.